Hammond/Burgos, Co.

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Dear Students, Parents and Guardians, I hope you all had a great start to this year!
I look forward to the year to come and hope you do too.
Programs to come
On-Line Multimedia lessons with interactive assessment modules via this Website. Lessons are learner focused, objective oriented, task specific and feedback driven. They are being made available as time permits. Access is free for all students. My intent is to provide easy access for students who miss school for any reason. Parent and guardian participation is highly encouraged.
Additional Information
Professional development course material available through this web site was developed to aid teachers of struggling readers world-wide. Any and all professional content is fully researched. The opinions expressed in each piece are those of the author alone. We appreciate your feedback.
Classroom requirements
Each student in my class is required to maintain an Assignment log (In planner) and a Vocabulary Improvement log (In notebook). Additionally, student workbooks are required for daily lessons. All other assignments will be provided as needed and will be posted on my website. You can use the "contact us" option above to contact me via e-mail.
Site Content
The focus of courses on this Website are mastery of specific objectives outlined by the TEA TEKS and our district scope and sequence. Please Note: All of the content on this site is either the creation of the associates of Hammond/Burgos Company or Material from educational providers that has been authorized for "Reproduction for Classroom Use". It is our sole intent to use all of these materials to extend our classrooms to those students who can not attend school on a regular basis.