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  • Sensational Sound
  • Reliable playback
  • Fully researched
  • Valid, verifiable results
  • Accurate assessment tools
  • Answer keys with rationale
  • Dependable online resources
  • Web based assessments
  • Immediate feedback


    "Veni, vedi,  veci"
    Julius Ceasar
    "Dubito, ergo cognito, ergo sum"
    Rene Descarte

    Finding the Main Idea

    Sequence of Events

    Plot Line

    Story Elements

    Old Cadillac Home

    Where do we go?


    To Make a Difference?

    A Thorny Proposition

    Might Just Work?

    Character Analysis



    The Importance of Time and Place

    Conflict and Plot Resolution

    A Spa Resort

    The path most Traveled?

    A hidden Eye

    The Better to See?

    An Almost Forgotten Place

    Is this Our Future?