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Handouts for Lesson One

Finding the Main Idea
Please Note: Handouts for this lesson are reproduced here for the sole use of students taking this on-line course.

Materials for the E- Lessons are from the "Reading Comprehension Workbook, Level E" published by EDCON, Long Island, N.Y. Copyright 1987. A/V Corp. Long Island, New York  11769. Please find the appropriate handout for your lesson on this page. All related documents are labeled with the same lesson number as the unit you are experiencing. They are made available as each lesson is published. All are saved to the web as PDF documents for ease of access.

Reading Handout

Follow this link to download a PDF doc
to guide your report reading and writing
Guiding Questions
Follow this Link to download the PDF handout that accompanies the report Plan Handout.

Thrd Quarter Reading List

Required Reading 

Follow this link to find our required reading list PDF handout for the third quarter.